Back in the 90’s, there was a saying that every house owns a television set and that made TV commercials relevant. Then, fast forward to to 2000’s, almost every house owns a computer and then internet advertising especially SEO became one of the main marketing tool for every company. In the present times, almost everyone owns a smartphone and hence, mobile advertising should not be neglected in your marketing plans.

Mobile marketing and advertising will directly connects your brand to your customer, hence your brand will be much more personal to your customer. In Malaysia, smartphone penetration rate is as high as 43%, and consumers spend 80% of their mobile usage on apps. The smartphone trend had significantly reduce the amount of time spent watching the television or using the computer. In order to reach these audience, the proper advertising and marketing is needed.

At Kyo, we help brands manages their social messaging platform like LINE and WeChat by coming up with engaging content and strategies that are relevant to your brand and audience. We will create campaigns that will thrive for engagements and making your company more sociable to the consumers.

For mobile advertising, we advertise via 3 different platforms which are – Google Adwords for mobile, Facebook and also Airpush. We will come up with relevant strategies to maximise your advertising budget and thrive for as many conversions as possible.